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Air-Conditioning Systems

Close control air conditioners completely justify their name.

Identity Management

Organization of corporate systems operation and logical access to them can be carried out via specialized solutions of Identity Management systems, or IdM.

Networks security systems

Creation of reliable system protecting company’s information network is a necessary aspect of business dealing in the modern conditions of intense competition and aggressive economy.


Cryptography is a science which studies methods of enhancing safety, confidentiality and authenticity of the information. The above mentioned factors play an important role in banking.

Energy-saving systems

Energy-saving technologies pursue two main objectives: to spend less energy and to use it more reasonably. These objectives are achieved via use of energy-saving equipment.

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The delivery of equipment

The delivery of equipment is done under the control of the contract department.

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Service centre and HELP DESK

Along with the professional certificated staff, special compartment and the technical area for d...

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Uninterruptible power supply

Power substation is built in a basement.

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Autonomous sites

The coverage area of the receive/transmit devices highly depends on the aerial location.

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optic-fiber service

Since Caspel has its own optic-fiber network on the territory of the republic, one of the respon...

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Connection of branches

The powerful hardware infrastructure belonging to company CASPEL gives the chance a fast informati...

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Service centre

Along with a professional, certified staff, a prerequisite authorization service center is a s...

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Ultramodern dispatch control, acquisition and data processing system. At this example the system c...

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IT outsourcing

For organizations without their own developed IT infrastructure CASPEL offers services in providin...

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Creation of a server room

An organization server room is created in a place as much remote from the main flow of visitors a...

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Solution allows autonomous sites to build an antenna in most places designed for the broadcast, wh...

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Types of guarantee certificates

For high level service support and in compliance with the international standards of service, the ...

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Logistics service

Equipment delivery is controlled by the Contracts Department.

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Creation of operation point

CASPEL renders services in installation of office equipment for normal operation of office, provid...

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CASPEL is one of the largest integrator companies in Azerbaijan, providing the full range of IT and telecommunications solutions.The company provides solutions in data transmission, software development, delivery and maintenance of advanced equipment from the leading IT equipment producers and software programs.CASPEL runs its own fibre-optic network, which covers the entire country. The use of the latest technology and the substantial experience of CASPEL’s key personnel in the design and upgrade of telecommunications systems of any size guarantee the most effective project solutions.